NYC Autumn Wine Festival!

A week after Brooklyn Crush, experience another one of a kind, wonderful wine event hosted by New York Wine Events! The NYC Autumn Wine Festival is another event not to miss, and includes an afternoon and evening session. On November 18th, enjoy over 150 wines as well as fine foods to pair along with the entire selection.


  • Wine Tasting: Over 150 wines at our sampling tables.
  • Food: Light fare prepped by NYY Steak’s first-class culinary team (see details below) — plus delectable bites at Artisan Food vendor sampling tables.
  • Access to a world-class venue in the heart of Manhattan: NYY Steak hosts the NYC Autumn Wine Festival. Located next door to Rockefeller Center, NYY Steak boasts 4 levels in a spectacular setting.
  • BONUS Wine Glass: Your custom etched tasting glass to keep after the event.


  • Early Admission to the main event, 1 hour before listed start time (i.e. 1:00 PM/Afternoon Session,  6:00 PM/Evening Session)


  • Early Admission to the main event, 1 hour before listed start time (i.e. 1:00 PM/Afternoon Session,  6:00 PM/Evening Session)
  • Access to the VIP Suite, which features (i) 10 exclusive high-end wines (ii) exclusive food offering including: Pepper Crusted Filet Mignon with Black Garlic, Tomato Jam, Wild Mushroom Flatbread, Ahi Tuna with Avocado, Crispy Shallots, Cilantro, Ponzu, Lobster Sliders with Tarragon Aioli, Brioche Bun, and Pickled Shallots, as well as Eggplant Caponata, Pomegranate Agro Dolce, Semolina Crostini, and Mini Sliders, with Fontina, Tomato Chorizo Relish. 

The venue is also one not to miss, considering it’s at the well known New York Yankee’s Steakhouse! “At the NYC Autumn Wine Festival, wine lovers will get to taste world class wines at a world class restaurant, NYY Steak. From the finest 21-day USDA Prime steaks to five-star seafood, spectacular house specials to sumptuous desserts, NYY Steak is to fine dining what the Yankees are to baseball – the best. An extraordinary experience whether you’re at Yankee Stadium, in midtown Manhattan, or South Florida, NYY Steak brings signature touches from the world champion Yankees to its world class restaurants.”-

General Admission attendees also will enjoy a wide selection of foods including Mediterranean platters, delicious sliders, ravioli, and much, much more! Be sure to check out this awesome event, and if you use the code SOMMCITY, you will receive 15% off your ticket purchase.


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Sommelier, Private Chef, & Food and Wine Pairing Expert in NYC! Sara is a Wine Writer, Wine Ambassador, and Wine Consultant specializing in pairings, parties, entertaining and education.

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