Mother’s Day Gifts!

Mom is your best gal pal, your therapist, best friend, and protector. Sometimes she also can be an ATM, a taxi cab driver, and a chef; all at the same time. One day a year we dedicate a day to mom, because the other 364 days per year she does so much for us.

Mother’s Day is approaching…have you gotten mom a great gift yet? If not, see some of my top picks that will make mom smile!

Wine Picks

Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée: This bubbly will sparkle just like mom! Give her something on the sweeter side for mother’s day, and show her she’s something “sweet” to celebrate! 

image002-2Chloe Pinot Grigio: A fresh and crisp expression of this timeless and refreshing grape verital. This very pretty wine is stylish, and makes for a great flower vase when mom finishes the bottle, creating timeless memories…

Jean-Luc Colombo Cape Bleue RoséRefreshing and full of bright cherry, raspberry, some fennel, and flowers. Leave winter behind and bring the perfect spring wine to mom. This wine is as beautiful as she is!

Sweet Choices

DO_Packaging 2: Cookie Dough made just the way you like delivered to your door! Imagine all the possibilities, you can eat it just as is, half bake it for gooey warm dough, and or fully bake it into cookies. This sweet treat will make her mother’s day that much more delicious!

Rosa Regale: This sweet Brachetto always makes our wine picks and gift guide lists, because it’s perfect for almost any special occasion! Mom will love this sweet sparkler with brunch, lunch, and or dessert!

download (24)Dosha Pops: For the mom who enjoys a more spiritual mothers day, Dosha Pops will add a sweet and holistic touch to her day. These are perfect for her purse and make for a great daytime pick me up!

On The Rocks Mom’s 

download (25)SIA: This blended scotch whisky is not only made for the modern palate, but is also made by a female. Striking amber color, clover honey, and citrus notes will make mom very happy for mother’s day!

American Harvest: This organic vodka comes in a a beautiful frosted bottle and is smooth enough for mom to enjoy on the rocks, in a cosmo, or in a dirty martini!

Pavan Liqueur: Pavan although is a “sweet choice” too, it’s great for a mom who wants an after dinner drink on the rocks. For any other time of day, enjoy pavan with a little club soda and an orange slice!

bottle-solerno_bloodorangeSolerno Liqueur:  This Italian Blood Orange Liqueur is a staple in my bar. Mom’s love this on the rocks or mixed with Prosecco! Want more blood orange? Pair it with Dry Soda: Blood Orange, for a sweet, sassy, and low calorie cocktail!

In The Kitchen Mom

Trudeau: Trudeau has come out with a gorgeous 2015 line of wine and cheese accessories mom will absolutely love. 

UntitledCooling Aerator (39.99) is laboratory tested and works like a charm. This is perfect for the mom who loves her wine and doesn’t want to wait for it to aerate on it’s own. Great for robust wines, as it cools the wine to the proper temperature as it pours and aerates!

Wine Preserving Pump with Stoppers (17.99): For mom’s who can’t finish every last drop, and or want to save some for later, this preserving pump has a sleek design and airtight sealing system. The pump and stoppers make it perfect for you to be able to have your wine now and later too!

wine charmsDaisy & International Wine Charms (11.99): Nothing like not being able to tell which wine is which after a fun filled evening with the girls. These wine charms will not only style your glass, they will help you tell them apart!

cheeseknivesCheese Accessories: If mom entertains, these Stand Up Cheese Knives(14.99) are just what she needs. They are a conversation piece and will make any cheese platter the star of the table! The Soft Cheese Knives are perfect for the multi-tasking mom who can cut her favorite soft cheese and spread it too! This handy cheese knife with beautiful wooden handle does both (39.99). Want mom to be able to showcase her favorites for the table? Grab a set of the Cheese Markers to go with her knew knife (12.99)! 

bakewareSilicone Bakeware: Not like any other silicone bakeware! These stylish and vibrant colors will not only make you want to bake everything, but are sturdy using steel reinforcement, bake evenly, and are simple to clean. Mom needs the Structure Cupcake Pan and Pie Pan (21.99-27.99). Throw in a Sifter, Rubber Spatula, and Rolling Pin and give mom the colorful bake set she long desires for! 

grillLongi Rectangular Electric Party Grill: If this doesn’t get you excited for nights of grilling inside, then I don’t know what will! This party grill is perfect for any mom who likes to entertain indoors and or a city mom (139.99)!

fondueLumina Fondue Set: We all know who will really be enjoying this gift… you of course! Mom will love this because she can not only entertain deliciously, but knowing you’ll want to join in on the fondue festivities will mean the world to her (149.99)!

image-4Gourmet Gift Baskets: For the Mom who loves wine, this exquisite  Mother’s Day Wine Basket can be hers for just $89.99.  Mom will find two bottles of coveted wines: Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva by Alto Tierrucav and Chardonnay by Backhouse. Along with this basket is an array of delectable accompaniments such as  sensational summer sausage, deli-style crackers, smooth Wisconsin Cheese, Mocha Chocolate, California Wine, Wafers and more.

MagBag: This amazing makeup and jewelry bag is everything mom needs and more about02to make travel that much simpler for her. This magnetic “bag” folds and zips like a notebook, and has a magnetic force strong enough to hold all mom’s favorite jewelry in place. Mom will love this, if she often travels and jewelry gets tangled, mangled, and misplaced. This also works great for pens, paperclips, and office supplies, for those Mom Entrepreneur’s and working moms who need to fit it all neatly in those big purses! Small, Medium, and Large available (prices vary).

Whatever you decide, there is a price point for everyone in my top picks! Remember to love, honor, and cherish your mom this Mother’s Day! May 10th, make it all about her and let her know just how special she is! 

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Sommelier, Private Chef, & Food and Wine Pairing Expert in NYC! Sara is a Wine Writer, Wine Ambassador, and Wine Consultant specializing in pairings, parties, entertaining and education.

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