Merchants Cigar Bar

On the East Side is a hot cigar spot where the Whiskey’s good and the Jazz is hot! Merchant’s Cigar Bar and Fine Tobacco NYC teamed up with Hoja de Flores and Glenfiddich to throw the ultimate cigar event.

IMG_3227     Hoja de Flores Black Label is a fine cigar with a lot of body and bold flavor. When paired with the Glenfiddich 15 year, a lot of spiciness came through. The cigar is smooth, sexy, and perfect for a nice weeknight smoke with some great friends and great whiskeys.

Hoja De Flores takes pride in tradition and creating the best product from the finest ingredients. Luckily for us we were able to sit, sip, and smoke and hope that you can join Fine Tobacco NYC for their upcoming cigar events. Check out their website for great whiskey reviews, cigar reviews, and so much more!

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