Clive Faustin: Wine Artist!

Two years ago I went to Aruba on vacation. A simple and tropical relaxing week awaited me and little did I know that I would meet a man who would completely change my Aruba experience forever.
Sitting on the beach, randomly reading the Aruba Daily, I stumbled upon an article about Michela Domonici, and a dinner being hosted at the Sunset Grill, Aruba. I quickly hopped on the opportunity because I love Banfi wines, and was partnering with them on some great NYC Pairing posts, so it was inevitable that I had to go to this dinner.

“You know what they say… when in Aruba”!


Clive, Raymond, and Tabitha
Clive, Raymond, and Tabitha

At the dinner is where I met Clive Faustin, a charming man full of spirit, knowledge, and great wine stories. He is a Wine Artist in Aruba, which means that he has the knowledge, passion, and creativity to teach wine seminars, travel, host wine events, and also plan pairing dinners. Growing up in Aruba from a family of seven, Clive always had that spark and drive. Once he fell in love with wine (as many of us do) he knew he had to peruse a career within this industry. His title of Wine Artist makes him the “wine man on the island”, and he knows everyone. He’s worked in wine now for many years and continues his education constantly. The wine scene in Aruba has grown, however many locals still love their beer and soda’s.
Picture 041He has introduced me to some amazing people that you have read about within my Aruba articles, and will continue to read about as I return every February. This past season, while in Aruba for my second time, Clive hosted a private and elaborate dinner in my honor along with Raymond Rivera (Caribbean Importer) who came over from Puerto Rico, who I also now see every time I return to the island. Here they hosted a wine seminar, held a beautiful dinner, and even had me interviewed on Tabitha’s TV Show!
This February, stay tuned for some video segments, features, and more of Aruba…one of the happiest places on earth!

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