ByeJoe: A New Chinese Spirit

IMG_4187  A new Chinese Spirit is in NYC and it’s taking cocktails by storm! ByeJoe, a spirit infused with Chili’s, Lychee, and Dragon Fruit makes for one heck of a Cosmo “with a twist”. Newly added to Chef Yu in Midtown, this spirit not only looks the part, but it is stylish, bold, and unique. The flavor of the spirit itself is one of a kind and great on the rocks if you’re into that kind of sipping.

When paired with Chef Yu’s Salt and Pepper Squid, the ByeJoe Cosmo was a winner!

The fried squid balanced out the slight kick from the chili’s in the spirit, while the fruit forward and sweeter notes went beautifully with the saltiness.

Chef Yu has a wide range of Chinese cuisine and great prices. They Happy Hour is excellent, and I highly recommend heading there for a ByJoe cocktail and small bites!

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