Patsy’s Italian Restaurant Celebrating 75 Years!

New York has so many restaurants, it’s hard to hit them all. It’s also one of the reasons why I love living here because you get the chance to taste everything! I had the pleasure of dining at Patsy’s Italian Restaurant, an iconic New York establishment known for its legendary red sauce, old-world lore, and celebrity visits.

Patsy’s is owned and operated by the Scognamillo family, and has been for four generations. Patsy’s Italian Restaurant is a popular spot for diners across multiple ages. The first and second floors are elegant with chandeliers and white tablecloth dressed tables. The staff is wonderful, and provide five-star service throughout the meal. This famed restaurant became so well known because of Frank Sinatra, and has welcomed many other celebrities since! 

Celebrating 75 years, I knew I had to finally head to Patsy’s. I started off with a glass of Montepulciano paired with the Spiedino Alla Romana, which is a delicious appetizer for two. It’s warm and the perfect sharing appetizer, with layers of bread and mozzarella, fried and served with an anchovy butter sauce. When it comes to Italian, I always like to enjoy the meal in courses, and Patsy’s makes it very easy to do so. The second course I enjoyed the Bucatini all’Amatriciana, a pasta with classic red sauce, hickory-smoked bacon, prosciutto, onions, and fresh basil. The pasta is a great course to share if you enjoy also having an entree. I really enjoyed this dish because it’s salty, savory, and has a hint of sweetness which pairs nicely with both red and white wines. I continued to enjoy the Italian reds by the glass, and the Montepulciano is one I really stuck with, due to its pair-ability.

The classic dishes are a must, and if I wasn’t so intrigued by some of the other menu options I would have absolutely gone for the eggplant parmesan! They have a lot of variety on the menu, and I wanted to try something from the Meats section and the Seafood section. What’s great is that they have hearty options as well as lighter healthier options on the menu. I decided to try the Filet Mignon Marsala, a Scaloppine of filet mignon sautéed with onions, prosciutto, mushrooms, and Marsala Sauce. This dish is a must-have if you enjoy beef and marsala, because it’s out of this world, delicious! Alongside the Filet I also enjoyed the Striped Bass Marechiare, which is poached in a light sauce of garlic, tomato, and white wine. It’s a perfect dish for those who enjoy something lighter, and the broth is great for bread dipping!

After a few courses, I was so incredibly full… but then they brought out the dessert cart! This beautiful bar cart is filled with a delicious array of Italian desserts including the famous Tiramisu, pastries, and the Chocolate Mousse Cake! I decided to dive into a small piece of the mousse cake because once the chocolate is in front of me, I have a very hard time saying no.

If you haven’t had the chance to try Patsy’s Italian Restaurant, I highly suggest doing so. Between the elegant ambiance, great service, and an outstanding menu, you will not be disappointed!


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